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Author: bobberryauthor

I'm an engineer, business owner, banker, and author, but I wasn't always. I started as a country boy living on a small farm deep in the Maine woods. By my parents will, my wife's forbearance, and God's good graces, I've come a long way. I want you to, as well, and you can. Join me on my journey into purpose, helpfulness, and positive impact on individuals, organizations, and community.

Liberty vs. Safety

Our country seems to be going through one of those periods of rage and protest. It’s happened before. It’ll happen again, assuming we survive this one. COVID-19 remains a danger. But if you don’t wear a mask, you’re heartless. You … Continue Reading Liberty vs. Safety

Corona Crisis

The corona virus is sweeping the world as I write. Hundreds of thousands have come down with the virus. Most of them survived it just fine. Some did not. I don’t know how high the count will rise, but it’s … Continue Reading Corona Crisis

The Rabbit Hole

Welcome to The Rabbit Hole, a blog by author Bob Berry. Peace be with you! When I was perhaps 9 years old, I woke up one Easter morning in my family’s mobile home, which was parked near the old family … Continue Reading The Rabbit Hole