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The Rabbit Hole

A Blog by author Bob Berry

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Liberty vs. Safety

Our country seems to be going through one of those periods of rage and protest. It’s happened before. It’ll happen again, assuming we survive this one. COVID-19 remains a danger. But if you don’t wear a mask, you’re heartless. You hate grandmas, children, and puppies. You’re a science denier, ignorant, and generally the worst human … Continue Reading Liberty vs. Safety

Financial Hope

Just the other day, I saw this post on social media. I’ve redacted the face and name. This was written by a young millennial, judging by the age of the person in the headshot picture. It sort of broke my heart. It wreaks of hopelessness. He is wrong on more than one level, and I’ll … Continue Reading Financial Hope

Corona Crisis

The corona virus is sweeping the world as I write. Hundreds of thousands have come down with the virus. Most of them survived it just fine. Some did not. I don’t know how high the count will rise, but it’s lots. This seems much like the flu that hits us every year. I’m not saying … Continue Reading Corona Crisis


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