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About Bob

I am Robert L. Berry III, P.E., but everyone calls me Bob unless I’m in trouble.

I’m a civil engineer, banker, and author. I’m a husband, father, and American patriot. I’m a child of God and co-inheritor of the kingdom of heaven.


Civil Engineer

At Main-Land, we help people build on their land. I’ve designed roads, parking lots, storm water systems, retaining walls, water systems, wastewater systems, and most anything else that you might need to improve property.

Bank Director

I am a member of the board of directors at Franklin Savings Bank, a community bank with branches and offices in Maine. Why bank anywhere else?


I write books. So far I have exactly one: Buying Bacon, which is a book about practical finances for small business owners. I’ve started several others, including a business book about transitional ownership roles, and historical fiction. Stay tuned.

Youth Teacher

I teach middle schoolers at the Fayette Baptist Church youth group called Ignite and in Sunday School. It’s a good fit, since I stopped emotionally maturing at twelve.


Main-Land Development Consultants, Inc.


Main-Land was founded in 1974 by Darryl Brown. I joined the company in 2004 as a Senior Engineer. In 2011 I took over as CEO and then purchased the company. Since then, I have grown the company, reaching further and helping more landowners.

Franklin Savings Bank


I am a member of the Board of Directors at Franklin Savings Bank, the best bank, anywhere. Just saying.

Harriman Associates


Harriman is a full-service architectural and engineering company headquartered in Auburn, Maine. From college graduation, I served there as a staff engineer designing building sites.

James Sewall Company


I spent some time at this multi-sector multi-service company located in Old Town, Maine, performing GIS mapping.


Greater Franklin Development Council


GFDC provides economic and community development efforts to Franklin County and Livermore Falls. I serve as Chair since 2019.

Franklin County Chamber of Commerce


FCCC provides assistance to business members and economic and community development events in Franklin County, Maine. In 2019 I joined the executive board as vice chair.

Jay – Livermore – Livermore Falls Chamber of Commerce

2011 – 2020

JLLF Chamber provides assistance to business members and economic and community development events in the Jay, Livermore, and Livermore Falls region. I served on the Board of Directors, vice chair in 2015, chair in 2016, and past chair from 2017-2020.

New England Bible College & Grace Evangelical Seminary


NEBC provides undergraduate and graduate studies in Christian theology. I serve on the board of trustees and chair the promotional committee.

Mt. Blue TV


Mt. Blue TV, through Central Maine Media Association, provides public access television in the Greater Franklin area. I served on the board of directors.


University of Maine, Orono


Bachelor of Science Degree from the College of Engineering.

Carrabec High School, North Anson, Maine


Student of the Cobradome!

Helping People.